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Welcome to our new website! We have re-invented ourselves changing our name and logo. The Canterbury Bridge is a symbol of outreach to the inter-faith community at San Jose State University. While maintaining Episcopal identity, our new chaplain, the Rev. Deacon Kathleen Crowe, holds deep convictions that understanding between faith traditions is critical to a more peaceful world. The discussion groups and service projects that will be offered in the fall are inclusive with the intention of fostering more religious justice and understanding. See our schedule of upcoming programs and events by clicking our Event Schedule and Calendar.

Spartan Memorial Chapel will reopen on August 22nd from 11:00 am – 1:00 PM for prayer, anointing, spiritual direction or just a time to sit in the silence for a moment of peaceful reflection. All are welcome.

Episcopal Campus Ministries owes a debt of gratitude to many people as we begin anew: The Rev. Dr. Roger Wharton for his fourteen years of service as SJSU Episcopal Chaplain. Roger has taken on a new role as hospice chaplain at Seasons Hospice, an organization new to our valley; The Rev. Deacon Michael Ridgway for his technical advice; Ms. Viviana Gil, the president of our student organization , whose kindness and enthusiasm are infectious; our faculty advisor, Dr. Jennifer Morazes, whose background includes both degrees in counseling and religious studies; our board of directors led by the Rev. Ernest Cockrell, President, Mrs. Anne-Louise Heigho, Secretary, The Rev. Michael Ferrito, Treasurer, Mrs. Gerry Chartrand, Mr. John Hamer, The Rev. Nayan McNeill and Mrs. Jean Wyatt. These acknowledgements would not be complete without a shout out to the community at Grace Baptist Church on the corner of San Fernando and 10th street. Pastor Daryl Lavway has graciously shared space with us. The Episcopal Campus Ministry Office is located in the former library on the first floor.

Please contact our chaplain, the Rev. Deacon Kathleen Crowe at for more information about program, prayer ministry and upcoming events.