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The Rev. Kathleen Crowe, Deacon

The Rev. Kathleen Crowe, Deacon

The Rev. Dcn. Kathleen A. Crowe

Chaplain, Canterbury Bridge Episcopal Campus Ministry

(408) 408-506-3554|

The Rev. Kathleen Crowe is an ordained deacon of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of El Camino Real.  Ordained on September 8, 2007, she is trained in pastoral care, small group facilitation, and child advocacy responsible for the safeguarding programs in her Diocese.  Before her assignment as Episcopal Chaplain at SJSU, she facilitated a restorative justice program for the Juvenile Probation Department of Santa Clara County. Retiring as deacon at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in 2017, Kathey spends 100% of her ministry as campus chaplain. Due to the pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances, the student residence at Grace Baptist Church became unfeasible. Undaunted, Kathy is now facilitating a new Episcopal residence to be located at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.  Students shall be able to live in the residence at no cost to them because of the generosity of the foundation’s donor base.   

Xavier and a few of our intrepid board members

With gratitude for our faithful Board of Directors

…and our most generous donor base that supports this ministry with time, talent and treasure.

The Rev. Ernest Cockrell, President
Mrs. Sandra Soellner, Treasurer 
Mrs. Debra Hudson, Secretary
Mrs. Gerry Chartrand, Board Member
Mr. Charles Cummins, Board Member
Mr. Mark Gagner, Board Member at Large
Mrs. Susan Hart, Board Member 
Mr. Stan Ketchum, Board Member & San Jose City Planner
The Rev. Aaron Klinefelter, Board Member & Rector, St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, Cupertino
The Rev. Nayan McNeill, Board Member
Mr. Marko Mohlenhoff, Student Advisor at San Jose State University

Bella Vista Luncheon. Pictured are Marko Mohlenhoff, our former Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves and some of our board members and students

Supporting Churches and Organizations

The Bella Vista League
Church of Christ
Destination Home
Hillel, The Jewish Community at San Jose State
Portola Valley Presbyterian
SJSU Cares at San Jose State University
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Women and Vestry Opportunity Fund
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Los Gatos
St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Sunnyvale
St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, Cupertino
St. Stephen’s in the Field Episcopal Church, San Jose
The Wellness Center at San Jose State University
The City of San Jose Homelessness Response
The Bishop and Diocese of El Camino Real
The Phoenix Project
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, San Jose and
the many Individual Donors who elect to remain anonymous

With Supervisor Cindy Chavez

Awards and Recognition

The Chaplaincy also received a Certificate of Recognition from Supervisor Cindy Chavez.  another recognition “Community Hero” from Assemblyman Kansen Chu – picture with Cindy Chavez below